Grapes contain such minerals as calcium and phosphorus and are a source of vitamin A. All grapes contain sugar (glucose and fructose) in varying quantities depending upon the variety. Those having the most glucose are the most readily fermented.

Products Variety

  • Sugraone
  • Prime
  • Red Globe
  • Flame
  • Crimson
  • Black Magic
Carton Box & Bags
Carton Or Bag Weight

  • Open Top Carton (Net Weight 4.5 Kgs)
  • There is loose 4.5 and also there is carry bag 4.50 kg
  • Open Top Carton (Net Weight 5 Kgs)

  • (10 x 500gr punnet )
    Count & Size
    Product Count Or Size

    (Size 18 mm+ )
    Product Season

    MAY - JUN

    3 Weeks Start From 15 MAY

    (Red Globe)
    JUL - AUG

    MAY - JUN

    AUG - SEP - OCT

    (Black Magic)
    JUN - JUL

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